Freediving Hunter App Reviews

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Love this game

Great game

Free Dive Hunter

Excellent game...


This is actually a pretty good game for spearfishing lovers!

Awesome Game

Awesome Freediving/Spearfishing Game!

The best

Please update...! Add some levels...! And more realism.


Fantastic game without fishing in caves.i suggest to the rispective owners to add groupers fishing in cave.only with this it Could be perfect!

Good not great

Needs more maps, fish, and equipment

Sharks and predators

Dear Carlos, the update was awesome. Please add predators such sharks and ... For hunt and a trophy room with weight, length, and ...thanks.


Ive spearfished most of my life, but I feel this app is flawed by the preset dive time limits, and spear accuracy. After, playing this game for a couple of hours, I found I was frustrated, and then began retraining myself in aiming and shooting to play the game, which I cant afford in the natural. So, if your really a spear-fisherman, dont play this game.

Lack of variety

I like everything about this game except the lack of variety of fish. I mean common no grouper one of the most sought after spearfishing prizes, or hogfish.


This game is so awsome that it will blow your mine


I think i could hold my breath longer than 10 seconds. And no crosshairs? U get close enough to hit a fish they swim away! I want a refund! Boo! Dont purchase this app!

Best game Ive ever played!

This is my favorite game forget all those haters talking about this game!.....ahh this is worth 1.99!


This game is amazing!!! Living in Hawaii (Hilo) and diving in all areas of HI...its nice to see some local fish Ahi (tuna), Ono (Wahoo), MahiMahi (Bull Dolphin Fish), Kaku (Barracuda)!!! For all SkinDivers this game is a MUST HAVE!!! even when the waters near you are rough you can still dive(:

Worth $2

Great game and addicting. Havnt seen a hog or grouper yet... Have to learn the game and it will be fun. Good gameplay its fun!

Hamad alfadala qatar

The best game

Gr8 game

Wonderful,love the Ahis,Onos and mahis!


Been stuck on this game for days now. Im almost glad it was only as in depth as it was. I literally played the first 10 hrs straight. Im not sure how you could expand it but maybe more levels with more varieties of fish. And maybe an effect of waiting at the bottom to attract certain types of fish. Or more accessories. Love love it. Matt from Kona Hawaii

Amazing game

10/10 -IGN Best game ever! Worth the pay!

Diving hunter

The best app ever!!

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